The ever useful token of love, each & every season.

A small but ever useful token of love attached to a nickelled ring by Lucrin. Coming in various shapes & features, this is the magic accessory that will help them to never lose their keys, ever again. To be customised with initials.

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    鑰匙圈 鑰匙圈 鑰匙圈
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    心形钥匙圈 心形钥匙圈 心形钥匙圈
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    扁平矩形钥匙圈 扁平矩形钥匙圈 扁平矩形钥匙圈
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    圆角矩形钥匙圈 圆角矩形钥匙圈 圆角矩形钥匙圈
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    矩形钥匙圈 矩形钥匙圈 矩形钥匙圈
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    圆形钥匙圈 (5 cm) 圆形钥匙圈 (5 cm) 圆形钥匙圈 (5 cm)
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    椭圆钥匙圈 椭圆钥匙圈 椭圆钥匙圈
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    钥匙包(四钥匙) 钥匙包(四钥匙) 钥匙包(四钥匙)