MagSafe Charger Stand

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LUCRIN Geneva proposes a new MagSafe Charger Stand crafted in a solid wooden base and sheathed with premium leather. Ideal for travelling, this charger stand can be easily unmounted to be carried around from home to office. Fit your MagSafe charger in the cut out to create a smooth surface for your iPhone to rest on and tuck the excess cable behind the stand. This functional MagSafe charger stand can also be used seamlessly for making calls.
The stand is delivered without the MagSafe charger.

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  • 在 LUCRIN Geneva,我們使用彰顯其品質的棉質包袋保護我們的手工皮革產品。一種環保且可以循環使用的選擇,不僅保護性佳,且用途廣泛。

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