A4 Office Paper Tray

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A sublime A4 office paper tray that stands out with its traditional and refined look. Its wooden structure is expertly covered with our most beautiful leathers, and having this beautiful A4 letter tray on your office desk offers an added luxury touch to the decor. Closed on its 4 sides, envelopes, sheets, files fit perfectly in this leather office desk tray, which can contain up to 500 sheets of 80g. Available in many colours, you can match or complement your A4 paper tray with your other office accessories.

Dimensions: 24 x 32.5 x 3-5 cm (minimum height in front - maximum height at the back).

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  • 在 LUCRIN Geneva,我們使用彰顯其品質的棉質包袋保護我們的手工皮革產品。一種環保且可以循環使用的選擇,不僅保護性佳,且用途廣泛。

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Elevate Your Space: The A4 Office Tray That Transforms.
The Lucrin Geneva A4 Office Tray delivers on its promise, fusing quality and precision to craft a true masterpiece. An ideal addition to any space, it not only enhances aesthetics but also amplifies functionality. Ideal for organizing your important mails or tidying up your workspace, this tray is a perfect fit for our console upstairs in my wife's office. Experience this bespoke creation, where care meets craftsmanship, and witness your space transform.
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